The Re-Invention of the Fanny Pack

The belt bag, the belly bag, the buffalo pouch, the hip sack, the bun bag...whatever you want to call it, the fanny pack is back with avengence and I loooove it!

An avid concert-goer, the fanny pack is proving the perfect solution for carrying my essentials - the phone, the tickets, money... Nobody wants to wear a coat or a jacket due to the immense heat thats generated at intimate concerts as they'll only end up carrying it, meaning in most cases you are left holding anything that you require. The fanny pack is convenient with it's hands free design.

This feature also caters to mothers who struggle to carry their toddlers and the change/diaper bag - the fanny pack is designed with function in mind and is so light that you can in fact forget it is there. The new revival of fanny pack is functional, practical and chic.

The likes of DKNY, Lanvin, Lacoste, Jil Stuart, Givenchy, Armani Prive and Tory Burch have re-invented the design, incorporating quality, hard wearing leather fabrics with innovative subtle features that classifies the fanny pack as an accessory - a sleek wallet sat on a chic waist belt. Forget the aztec, colour clashed, neon designs we rocked when we were kids, the new fanny pack is sophisticated yet youthful in ultra chic black, camel and chocolate leathers - timeless fabrics and colour ways that allows them to be paired with pretty much any outfit, in any environment.

I particularly fell in love with the range of fanny packs that graced the Rachel Zoe catwalk this season - black, ivory and tan leather versions with injections of snakeskin embossed and accented with gold buckles and fastenings. Super chic, sleek and functional featuring an adjustable strap. I'm crazy about them and I can't wait to see how the British High Street interprets them. At the moment I have noticed American Apparel and Topshop jumping on the trend but these designs are reproducing the old school fanny pack - denim and aztec print incorporations. I am looking for the re-invention, the mature addition, an injection of leather!

I pulled three of my favourite designs and although they are at the higher end of the price bracket they represent what I look for in the new fanny pack - timeless design, wearability, functionality, great quality fabric and longevity. For me, they are displayed best when accessorising a jumpsuit or maxis. I love, need, want, eeek!

Vintage Chanel Quilted Waist Belt with Pouch: £1,007.00
KTZ Coin Detail Fanny Pack: £280.00
Rachel Zoe Belt Bag: £169.05 (available to purchase here)

Kelly x